Saturday, May 10, 2014

From post-it's to texts

In the year 2014, we have very little need for paper anymore. Technology has changed the way we communicate and the way we do most of our mundane tasks. Think about it. We can pay our bills online, send emails instead of letters, and we don't even need paper to read books anymore! The one thing that hasn't changed? The fact that some things still need to be done face to face, person to person, heart to heart.

We all know about Carrie Bradshaw's infamous post-it note breakup on Sex and the City. Burger left a post-it note that said "I'm sorry I can't Don't hate me." The Post-It Breakup was a rude and insensitive way to communicate. Well, I recently experienced the 2014 update of the post-it breakup which is the text breakup.

I had only been dating "M" for a couple weeks.  We weren't serious at this point, but things seemed to be going well and I had even introduced him to my friends-which I rarely do. He was someone who knew how to take a lady on a proper date. Charming and gallant, he always opened my doors when he picked me up, planned dates in advance, and walked me to the door with a goodnight kiss. For someone who knew all the proper date etiquette, imagine my surprise when he abruptly sent me a text to break up with me! He just wasn't "feeling the us deal right now."

He explained more than that, and I'm actually not heartbroken about the loss of that relationship. Yes, I liked him and I was disappointed, but I had my reservations as well. The point is that we have forgotten how to communicate face to face. You know the saying "everything I really need to know, I learned in Kindergarten?" We adults would all benefit from a day spent in a Kindergarten classroom re-learning how to use our words!
When you have something important to say, you need to look at the person in the eyes and use your words to state your feelings. The same thing goes for apologies. When you hurt someone's feelings you need to 1. look at his/her face, 2. use a sincere voice to apologize, and 3. give them a hug to show that you mean it and you care.

To summarize:  Act like a kindergartner and use your words.

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